Feel the sound



BassMe has the capacity to completely immerse users in sound when coupled with other mobile technologies, such as gaming consoles, smartphones and audio devices.
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BassMe is backwardly compatible to any headset and any audio source. It's universal. Simply connect your headset to BassMe and with any gaming gear, any mobile device, any console, PC, tablet, Home Cinema with Bluetooth or audio cable. Enjoy an audio sensation unlike any other, without bothering your neighbors.

  • Gaming

    Gamer for life? You will be able to feel the impact of balls or the vibrations of a car race. Immerse yourself in the heart of the action.
  • Home Cinema

    You will upgrade your feelings and be even more immersed in the scene of your movie, thanks to the haptic technology. Imagine feeling the vibrations of a chase or the shots of an anthology fight ...
  • Music

    BassMe allows a deeper and more intense connection with your music. Your body acts as a sounding board. Amplify your immersion during a concert, a live club or simply in your home studio.

    Take control

    The BassMe Controller app lets you customize the listening and bass power with a bass frequency equalizer. Choose your listening profile and save your settings for your uses in music, video games or movies.